The 4th General meeting of the project was organized the 16-17th October 2018 in the BFI facilities in Düsseldorf.

COCOP presents the paper “Data-driven and Event-driven Integration Architecture for Plant-wide Industrial Process Monitoring and Control”.

The last deliverables of the WP3 (architecture) and the first ones of the WP5 (optimisation and implementation) have been submitted.

COCOP presents the paper “On-line LCA – Integrating LCA into distributed control system” .

COCOP presents the paper “Information Models and Information Exchange in Plant-wide Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes”.

This workshop co-organised by the SPIRE projects MONSOON, FUDIPO, COPRO and COCOP will take place the 18th October 2018 in Frankfurt (Germany). See the agenda.

This workshop organised by SPIRE will take place the 1st october 2018 in Brussels (Belgium)

The mid-term review of the project was carried out the 26th April 2018 in Brussels with positive feedback.

The 2nd General meeting of the project was organized the 14-15th November 2017 in the TECNALIA facilities in Bilbao. 

Representatives from the process industry, technology providers, research organizations and academia are invited to this workshop to review promising technologies for optimal plant operation.

The Process Industry Conference, a SPIRE mid-term policy event, will take place on 19-20-21 September 2017 and it intends to gather all relevant stakeholders for the European Process Industry.

Selected representatives from the different sectors of the process industry and automation experts will be invited to this workshop in order to discuss the current opportunities, new technologies, and future challenges of integrated process automation.

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