The objective is to define, design and implement a concept that integrates existing industrial control systems with efficient data management and optimisation methods and provides means to monitor and control large industrial production processes. 

Technical objectives

The technological solution will be a software system that can be integrated into existing DCS (Distributed Control Systems). This can be broken down into the following technical objectives:

  • Requirements and system architecture
  • Algorithms for optimisation, data management and state estimation
  • Predictive process and sustainability models
  • Prototype implementation and user acceptance

Environmental objectives

The aim is to increase the sustainability of the process industry i.e. reduction of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy/raw materials consumption as well as being better prepared to meet existing and emerging regulatory mandates in terms of environment, quality or safety aspects.

Business objectives

  • To reduce operation costs due to an optimal performance of the processes that allows reducing the use energy consumption and raw materials, the number of defects/rejects, etc.
  • To increase the productivity

Social objectives

  • To improve the working conditions of plant operators by developing new process-control tools which support operating work by providing new ways to control the process. Learning and development of competences will also be addressed.
  • To strengthen the societal and personnel development perspective by including the designed technological innovation in a concept of a social-innovation process. The development process will be integrated into a broader company strategy. It will do this by integrating all relevant stakeholders and end users, and thinking of the implementation and impact right from the beginning of the process.
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of the European process and automation industry, resulting in job retention, exportable high-value IT products for the industry and the corresponding jobs, and wellbeing in Europe.