COCOP presentation in CCTA 2019 conference (August 2019)

COCOP presents the papers “The Extended Kalman Filter for Nonlinear State Estimation in a U-loop Bioreactor” and “Economic Optimal Control of a U-loop Bioreactor using Simultaneous Collocation-based Approaches”.

COCOP presented these papers in CCTA 2019 (THE THIRD IEEE CONFERENCE ON CONTROL TECHNOLOGY) organized the 19-21 August in Hong-Kong.

The first paper considers nonlinear state estimation in the U-loop reactor for single-cell protein (SCP) production. The model of the U-loop reactor is a mixture of stochastic partial differential equations and stochastic differential equations which are stiff. On the other hand, the second paper considers economic optimal control of SCP production in a U-loop reactor, presenting  a performance study that demonstrates the feasibility of solving economic optimal control problems in real-time.