COCOP presentation in EMC 2019 conference (June 2019)

COCOP presents the paper “Plant-wide optimization of a copper smelter: how to do it in practice?”.

COCOP presented this paper in EMC 2019 (European Mettalurgical Conference) organized the 23-26 June in Dusseldorf (Germany).

Optimizing complex industrial processes, such as copper smelting, accurately has proven to be challenging with traditional methods. The process includes combination of interlinked continuous and batch unit processes and further the process control actions require manual actions taken by operator. To unleash the full potential of the smelter and to meet the future demands for the sustainability, efficient plant-wide model-based control is needed. The COCOP project aims to tackle this challenge. In this paper methods under development in COCOP for optimisation of a copper smelter including plant-wide control and unit process advisory tools, are introduced and discussed.