Internal Human Factors requirements workshop (January 2019)

Several COCOP partners meet to address the human factors in the Steel pilot case development (the 29th in SIDENOR facilities) and work in the Value Proposition Design for the Steel pilot case tool (the 30th in TECNALIA facilities).

The first day, developers (MSI and TECNALIA) and end users (SIDENOR operators and installation managers) of the steel pilot case, together with experts in human factors (TUDO and VTT) met to present a preliminary prototype of the COCOP system and get feedback from participants on information provided by the system:

  • Is it what they need?
  • Is it provided in the proper way?
  • How user friendly is the interface?
  • What could be improved?

At the end of the session, there was a discussion about what skills will be needed for the future:

  • Related to the COCOP system
  • Related to a plant-wide perspective
  • Related to other issues of digitalisation

The second day, with the help of an expert in CANVAS (VTT) the partners worked in the Value Proposition Design (VPD) for the Steel pilot case tool, selecting user profiles for further VPD development and discussing the end users Jobs, Pains and Gains for using COCOP solution in steel case.